First trailer for Amazon’s The Boys gives away almost nothing


Garth Ennis’ comic The Boys is one of those comics everyone tells you to read because it’s just so damn good. That’s probably why Amazon scooped it up to be a superhero TV show. That and the more superhero content you can put out the better if you’re a streaming service. The show just got its first trailer and if you know nothing about the comic then this trailer isn’t about to tell you all that much more. It’s stylishly edited but that’s about it.

Thankfully, we’re here to fill you in. The show is not in fact about The Seven, a team that’s basically a parody of the JLA, as it may appear but about a vigilante group of ordinary folks who strive to take down corrupt superheroes through any means necessary. See The Seven are supposed to keep everything in check but they don’t so well given that they’re government lackeys so The Boys do instead. That leads to some conflict. It gets dark and violent, as you can actually tell from the trailer.  

And in case you’re wondering why the trailer came from Seth Rogen, it’s because he’s an executive producer on the show. No release date other than “this year” has been set.

Matthew Razak
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