First trailer for Batman: Assault on Arkham looks boring


Taking place within the same world as the Arkham series of Batman videogames (rather than the New 52 the DC animated films are in now) is Batman: Assault on Arkham. As the straight to home video DC films are hit and miss (for every Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox or War, there is The Dark Knight Returns) I’m not very excited for Arkham. The trailer doesn’t do itself any favors by focusing a bit too much on DC’s poorly animated mouths either. 

But for those who like the Batman videogames (and liked Troy Baker as the Joker, who returns here), the Suicide Squad, and hearing Kevin Conroy as the Batman again (which won’t happen in any other animated film because DC’s new home video reboot) maybe you’ll dig it. And maybe it’ll tie into the videogame series? Isn’t there a new one? Assault on Arkham will hit home video sometime later this year. 

[via Destructoid]