First trailer for Cameron Crowe’s Aloha

ALOHA Movie Trailer (Official HD) - May 2015

Sony has finally given us our first look at Cameron Crowe’s, who’s done so many fabulous projects like Elizabethtown, Jerry Maguire, Say Anything, Almost Famous, and uh, We Bought a Zoo, latest project Aloha. Starring Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone (along with a bigger, notable cast list) who fall in love in Hawaii, it seems like we’re getting a well made romantic comedy from this trailer.

Boy this trailer is cut well. It’s full of those poignant “trailer lines,” but doesn’t make the rest of the dialogue feel hokey. Let’s hope this balance carries through the full film. It’s hard to pass up a cast like this (with Bill Murray, Rachel McAdams, Alec Baldwin, John Krasinski, and Danny McBride tagging along). Aloha opens May 29th. 

[via Sony]