First trailer for Diary of a Teenage Girl touts accolades


Diary of a Teenage Girl came tearing out of Sundance with a lot of buzz around it. It’s an indie coming of age story so that makes a lot of sense since the festival eats that stuff up with a spoon. Judging from the trailer I’m not sure what seperates this one from the likes of Juno or The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but according to the quotes in it the film handles the subject of sex very well, which is often tricky.

Other than that the movie looks very brown. Like, super brown. I like the touch of having the artwork jump into reality, especially since I liked the idea in What If, but it wasn’t pulled off well enough. Feel free to get aboard the hype train on this one if you’d like. I’m not feeling it. 

The film releases on Augusts 7. 

Matthew Razak
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