First trailer for Disney’s Maleficent is invited to party

Disney's Maleficent Official Teaser Trailer

Maleficent’s one of Disney’s most evil and cool looking villains. In Sleeping Beauty, she curses a baby because she wasn’t invited to a party. And when it didn’t go well, she turned into a cool looking dragon for no reason other than being super evil. In Disney’s Malificent (starring Angelina Jolie in her horniest role yet), the live action version of the story tackles it from the villain’s perspective and probably making her the good one. 

With the first trailer now out and about (after that cool looking poster helped build the hype), how does it look? Surprisingly great! In what could be the most interesting turn for the character since Maleficent’s role in Kingdom Hearts, this live action version could be something worth paying attention to (even if the acting seems a bit off)! At the very least, Angelina Jolie looks great even if the horn head thing looks awkward. 

If Maleficent isn’t your thing, get used to it. We’ll get more films like this in the future with Disney looking to do the same for Cruella de Vil and Cinderella. Maleficent burns green fire into theaters May 30th next year.