First trailer for Divergent, the next big teen thing


In case you missed MTV’s Video Music awards on Sunday, know you didn’t miss much. Justin Timberlake did a thing with four old guys, Kevin Hart flailed his arms and legs around, and Lady Gaga went to the beach or something. What happened beforehand (during the pre-show), was the reveal of the first trailer for Divergent, the next Young Adult book adaptation starring Shailene Woodley. 

Divergent is about a future society in which folks are separated into tribes (each with their own distinct characteristic or ability, like courage and what have you) when they hit a certain age. Shailene Woodley plays Tris, a girl who’s referred to as a Divergent because she has the innate ability to fit into more than one tribe. And then some folks want to hurt her. While most folks will claim Divergent is setting up to be the next Hunger Games, I think differently. 

A while back I wrote an article claiming that Divergent will be the next Twilight (basically, a big deal). And I still stand by that. It’s produced by Summit Entertainment (the same company as Twilight), it has an attractive premise (as well as cast), and I hope it’s message of “differences aren’t bad” hits with audiences. I guess we’ll see when Divergent hits theaters March 21st next year. 

[via MTV]