First trailer for Emma Watson starring Beauty and the Beast


I’m still weirded out by the fact that Disney is making adaptations of their adaptations of famous fairy tales, but so far they’ve been pretty good or even revolutionary so let’s roll with it. The next one up is Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson as Beauty and Dan “You Should All Watch The Guest” Stevens as The Beast. Here’s the first trailer for it.

This one is playing hard of nostalgia with the same score, almost exact same visuals as the Disney classic and even the #BeOurGuest hashtag. That worries me a bit. What’s made these adaptations work is that they’ve actually differentiated themselves from the originals with the likes of Cinderella going way off book and things like Jungle Book only nodding to the original before breaking into its own thing. 

Then again, Beauty and the Beast might be Disney’s most iconic animation. You’d be hard pressed to do it better so why try.

Matthew Razak
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