First trailer for Grudge Match settles all bar bets

Grudge Match - Official Trailer [HD]

Let’s say you’re drunk and your drunk nerd friend goes, “Hey, who’d win in a fight between Rocky from the Rocky movies and Jake La Motta from Raging Bull?” Assuming any of that comes out coherently, the two of you get into an argument and then go out for tacos several hours later. Point of all of this is the first trailer for Grudge Match looks to settle all of those wonderful bar fights. 

Grudge Match puts Razor (Stallone) and The Kid (DeNiro) against one another as Razor retires before the two could settle the score. Years later, when Razor is old and The Kid is pudgy, they decide to get into the ring again and it turns into this big boxing event. Although the trailer seems like a lazy comedy (as I first worried), there’s plenty here to keep the boxing movie maniac in me afloat with Rocky references and having the plot deal more with their return to glory than taking shots at how old they are. Only problem is I’m sure I will enjoy this more than the general public. Grudge Match knocks the sh*t out of theaters December 25th.