First trailer for Hellboy reboot loves you Mony Mony

Hellboy (2019 Movie) Official Trailer “Smash Things” – David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane

After a bit of wait and a lot of hand-wringing over limited glimpses, we now have an in-motion look at Hellboy, and it definitely features Hellboy, which I would argue is a good start. The trailer doesn’t give us much of a hint of the plot, but it does give us plenty to go on in terms of tone. This is definitely going to be a bit darker, harder, and grimier than the Guillermo del Toro films, but it also looks a bit more rough in terms of approach as well.

The R-rating is obviously going to make a difference, but where the first two films went for a bit of bombast, this one seems to be more along the lines of just having fun with it all. I’m not seeing anything in this trailer that makes me think this is going to be some incredible film, but it doesn’t seem to be trying to do that. Instead, the feeling I get is one of just having fun with something bloody, violent, and cool. That is pretty awesome and gives me the kind of Deadpool vibes I was really looking for. Not that this will be that good, but it’ll be fun.

You can also see the lovely new poster released with the trailer and some stills that you can pore over if you’re so inclined to really pick everything apart.

Hellboy releases on April 12, 2019.

Matthew Razak
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