First trailer for Horns, starring Daniel Radcliffe

HORNS - Daniel Radcliffe - Official Trailer

Daniel Radcliffe’s career has been in a bit of a flux in his post-Potter days. In what seemingly seems like Radcliffe searching for that one role that’ll truly showcase his talents, he’s been in several offbeat projects that don’t always work out for the best. But with Horns, I think he has a winner. 

In Horns, Radcliffe stars as a guy who’s been framed for the death of his girlfriend as horns sprout from his head that make folks around him spill their darkest secrets. It looks dark, hilarious, and Radcliffe has got the right amount of suave for someone who has horns coming out of him. Horns releases in theaters and VOD this Halloween. We’ll keep an eye out for it.