First “trailer” for Ice Age: Collision Course is a Scrat-tastrophe


I’ve been a big fan of the Ice Age films ever since my family and I saw the first one four times in a row on Christmas Day. They keep making money, so they’re chugging along fine. I know I’ve enjoyed each one even if they’ve got rougher with each installment. The fifth film in the franchise is dealing with meteors, but that’s as much as we know right now. 

This “trailer” is really just the “Space Scrat-tastophe” short Blue Sky Studios put before The Peanuts Movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’ll be a treat. If you have, move along. There’s nothing new here. 

Ice Age: Collision Course releases July 22nd. 

Ice Age: Collision Course | Teaser Trailer [HD] | Fox Family Entertainment