First trailer for Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return


As a child (and, who am I kidding, a child-like adult) I took great pleasure in being left repeatedly traumatized by 1985’s weird and wonderful Return to Oz. Unfortunately, it looks like today’s youngsters will have an altogether easier time with their Wizard of Oz sequel than I did, considering the newly released Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return trailer looks to be a bit of a saccharine mess. 

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return is a computer-animated musical take on Frank L. Baum’s classic Wizard of Oz, in which Dorothy (Lea Michele) must return to Oz and team up with a new cast of companions in an attempt to save their world from an evil jester (Martin Short). The trailer is chockfull of hijinks, teamwork, and rainbows, with animation reminiscent of those straight-to-video Tinkerbell movies. Oh well, I’m sure little kids will like it okay. 

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return opens in theaters May 9, 2014. 

[Source: Collider]