First trailer for military dog film Max

Max – Trailer HD – Official Warner Bros. UK

I’m a sucker for a good dog movie. That goes double for sad dog movies, or movies about dogs that go on journeys. So this trailer for Max lumps all of that together, and I’m positive I’ll be a blubbering mess after watching the full feature. 

Max is about a military trained dog who loses his handler after an accident in Afghanistan, and is adopted by his handler (Robbie Amell)’s younger brother. As a hardened and cynical film critic guy, I should be calling out how generic this looks (or how the trailer basically ruins the entire film), but I can’t helped but be roped into it. Sometimes it’s okay to just cry a bunch if you want to. 

But not me. I’m a man. Watch me lift this truck full of Mountain Dew and Budweiser. Max releases June 26th.