First trailer for Mistress America


It’s only been a few months since Noah Baumbach’s wonderfully honest, While We’re Young premiered in the United States, but now it’s time to look forward to his next project, with the first trailer for Mistress America.

The movie reunites Baumbach and Greta Gerwig – who starred in, and co-wrote, Frances Ha – both on- and off-screen, and as someone who like their previous work, the trailer doesn’t disappoint. Hubert nailed Baumbach and Gerwig in his review for Frances Ha with this line, “It’s like Woody Allen’s Manhattan for hipsters (in a good way)”. Mistress America looks to be equally beautiful, with honest sincerity and childishly naive adults (in a good way). 

Mistress America will premiere August 14, 2015, making it the second Baumbach movie of the year. He works quick, and if festival reports are to be believed, he also works well.