First trailer for Mr. Holmes

Mr. Holmes Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) - Ian McKellen Mystery Drama HD

Benedict Cumberbatch can take his tea and biscuit to go, because there’s a new Sherlock Holmes in town. Ian McKellen is as charming as ever in the first trailer for Mr. Holmes

I’m usually not one for these types of movies, but this looks like an absolute delight. McKellen plays an aged and retired Sherlock Holmes at the age of 93, as he lives in a remote Sussex farmhouse with his housekeeper (Laura Linney) and her son, Roger (Milo Parker). With a deteriorating mind, he enlists Roger to help him solve one last case from his past, and in doing so, searches for the mysteries of life and love. Typical McKellen-shenanigans.

While the movie is genre classified as a crime/drama/mystery, it feels a lot more like a family/drama/mystery to me, and I really hope I’m correct in this assumption. We all love Ian McKellen. We all want to see him waltz around in England with a nosey kid at his feet, as he thinks back to his heydays to solve one last case. I love your Mr. McKellen!  

Mr. Holmes will open in theatres this summer.