First trailer for No Time to Die brings Daniel Craig’s Bond back


It’s here! It’s really here. After delays and director defections and drama on the set and a broken leg (cleverly alluded to in the trailer) the first trailer for the 25th James Bond film, No Time to Die, is here. What are you waiting for? Press the damn play button.

NO TIME TO DIE Trailer – In Cinemas October 2021.

I have to say this looks really great. I mean, I get excited for any James Bond (even Diamonds Are Forever) but this one looks really, really good. A perfect balance between the over-the-top Bondness of Spectre and the reserved throwback of Skyfall with a touch of the gritty beauty that director Cary Joji Fukunaga is known for. I’m even a fan of the continuity! Bringing back Blofeld, and not trying to keep it a stupid secret that everyone knows is a fantastic movie and if Rami Malek was anymore perfectly cast as a Bond villain I’d be concerned he was actually going to take over the world. 

This trailer is well cut too and does the action look insane. Bond films have always been known for they physical stunts (we’ll ignore wave surfing in Die Another Day) and some of the stuff going on here is just top-notch. The swing under the bridge looks like it was done for real, not to mention that moment at the end with the chain guns in the headlights of the car. Pure, classic Bondian action. Get excited.

Matthew Razak
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