First trailer for Nymphomaniac we’re allowed to post


We hadn’t been able to cover this on the site before, but Nymphomaniac has had a few trailers release and then quickly disappear from the Internet for very distinct, sexy reasons. Most of the ones that popped up in the past were Red Band (and very NSFW), and were immediately pulled from YouTube a few hours after they went online. It’s been a very interesting ride. But now, we finally have a good, safe for work, look at Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac: Volume I. 

Wait, Volume I? Yes! Nymphomaniac is now releasing in two parts with Volume I releasing on VOD March 6th with a theatrical release March 21st, and Nymphomaniac: Volume II hitting VOD April 3rd and theatrically April 18th. Anyone excited for all of that sexy, yet excruciatingly insightful sex action?