First trailer for Office Christmas Party delivers on title


It’s basically a new holiday tradition that an R-rated Christmas comedy comes out every year now. R-rated comedies are so hot right now, and Christmas is a great time to juxtapose tradition with sex jokes. Last year we got The Night Before and this year we’re getting the far less enticing looking Office Christmas Party.  

Why does it look less enticing? To start I’m not that excited about the directors behind The Switch teaming back up with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Batemen. Also, big comedy casts for holiday movies just aren’t working anymore, folks. Finally, Kate McKinnon and TJ Miller deserve better. I know it’s bad to pre-judge, but I’m doing it. 

Check out the trailer and see if you completely disagree with me. 

Office Christmas Party Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures

Matthew Razak
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