First trailer for Ouija, a movie someone thought was a good idea

Ouija Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Olivia Cooke Horror Movie HD

I really, really can’t believe this exists. You know how on some TV shows you’ll see a joke about an intentionally bad trailer based on a random product? This is exactly like one of those. In the same vein as Battleship, Ouija (not “weegee”) is a film based on the children’s toy that’s said to allow you to talk to the dead. This trailer itself isn’t too promising as it showcases every generic haunted house trope (the sewed shut mouth, the head into a mirror, found footage), but it’s also hilariously got the standard Ouija references like “I’m not doing anything! It’s moving on its own!”

Ugh. Please stop with all of this. Please. Besides, we’ve already gotten a nice Ouija adaptation with Paranormal Activity. Let’s just leave it at that. Ouija hits theaters this Halloween.