First trailer for Passengers randomly has Lawrence Fishburne in it


There are very few genres that Passengers, the new film from The Imitation Game director Morten Tyldym, doesn’t seem to want to fit into. It starts out as a rom-com in space and then delves deep into science fiction while going head first into action and comedy and layering on a hint of mystery. In short, it looks really intriguing and if the cast hasn’t one you over yet than the incredibly random inclusion of Lawrence Fishburne looking at the camera for a split second should.

Who edited this trailer and why did they feel the need to toss that in there? I mean telling everyone that ol’ Larry Fishburne is in your movie is never a bad idea, but it’s weird, right?

Otherwise the movie looks really solid and the screenplay is from Jon Spaihts who wrote the first draft of Prometheus. That draft was reportedly logical and interesting before Damon Lindelof came in and Lindeloffed all over it.

PASSENGERS - Official Trailer (HD)

Matthew Razak
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