First trailer for Ping Pong Summer


By the looks of this first official trailer for Michael Tully’s Ping Pong Summer, we’re going to get a critical, yet loving look at 80s sports films. Or even 80s films in general. Taking place in 1985, a kid named Rad Miracle (see what I’m talking about? Awesome!) is on vacation with his family to Ocean City for the Summer and eventually has to play ping pong against some bullies in order to save the local arcade. Oh, and his next door neighbor (Susan Sarandon) as happens to be a former ping pong champion! 

From the hilarious track at the end of the trailer, to the many intentionally on-the-nose references and names, and to the great supporting cast (with Sarandon, Judah Friedlander, and Amy Sedaris in tow), Ping Pong Summer looks wonderful. It hits theaters and VOD June 6th. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.