First trailer for Rio 2 is wonderfully adorable


I’ll admit I didn’t particularly enjoy Rio at first. It seemed to be style over substance (but that style is quite fabulous). However after sitting through it at least 35-40 times thanks to my cousin who loves the film, I’ve grown fond of it. It’s charming, the music isn’t too bad, and it looks absolutely stunning. So I’m glad to see that I’ll get the same with Rio 2. 

Rio 2 seems to be a standard flick again as Blu meets Jewel’s parents and tries to win the father’s support, but the style of the original seems intact. As long as it looks and sounds pretty (the music production of the first film is one of its biggest draws), I’ll be fine. And that final riff off Cats? SO CUTE AHH. Rio 2 sambas noisily into theaters April 11th.