First trailer for Ron Howard’s Inferno teases more clues


Look, I have to be honest. I hated Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. It’s dumb, only has like two good ideas, and it made so much money there had to be a film adaptation of it and its two sequels eventually. Since the first two films in the series made a bunch of money, here’s the film film in the trilogy seven years later. 

Inferno brings back an amnesiac Otm Shank who now must work with Felicity Jones to uncover the latest religious mystery thing. There’s some stuff going on in this trailer, and I’m sure someone out there is excited about this but all I can seem to muster is a few yawns more than it deserves. 

Inferno releases October 28th. I wonder if the audience for it is still around. 

INFERNO - Teaser Trailer (HD)