First trailer for Run All Night starring Liam Neeson

Run All Night 2015 Official Trailer [HD 1080p]

I don’t know about you all, but I miss the super dramatic Liam Neeson. Sure his latest career trend has been awesome, and in reverse as you’d expect a young man to take on a bunch of action films and gradually join Oscar nominated pictures as he ages, but I’m running out of steam and it looks like Neeson is too. But if the worst thing I can say about a trailer is that it looks like yet another badass Liam Neesons flick, there are worse problems to have. 

Run All Night stars Liam Neeson and RoboCop 2014 running away from Ed Harris…which is totally understandable. The trailer’s fine, just a lot of “Listen to me, son!” and this film is directed by the same guy who also directed Non-Stop which turned out to be the worst.  

Run All Night releases February 6th.