First trailer for Seth Rogen’s R rated animated comedy Sausage Party


We got through so many movie announcements here at Flixist that it’s hard to take some seriously. When Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg mentioned they were working on an R rated food comedy, I kind of brushed it off thinking it’s going to be one of those projects that never actually sees the light of day. Well, a year later and here we have the first trailer for Sausage Party. 

Featuring a premise we’ve seen (food realizes it doesn’t want to be eaten) and jokes that are only “mature” to juveniles, this trailer doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. What’s worse, is that I fully expect some kind of food sex scene now. I mean Hot Dog Rogen smokes from a bong, so anything’s possible. Maybe there’s something here given the cast (including the usual suspects and some notable new faces like Edward Norton and Selma Hayek), and early SXSW has been positive (though the festival also thought Neighbors was great, so who knows), but I can’t tell.

Sausage Party releases August 12th. 

SAUSAGE PARTY - Official Restricted Trailer (HD)