First trailer for Star Trek: Discovery leaves a lot of questions


After delay and delay and delay we finally have our first look at Star Trek: Discovery. It is very confusing. Check out the trailer and you’ll see the cast getting into plenty of scrapes and even some moral quandries (good), but this show is supposed to be taking place in the original universe not the new film’s one. It sure as hell looks like the new films. It also looks a lot like it takes place after the original series. 

I know that design changes and it has to look a bit more modern than TOS, but this doesn’t even seem to fit in between Enterprise and TOS. The whole thing just looks like some other Star Trek show. The Klingon redesign is especially troublesome, though I suppose they had to find some balance between the original show’s “black guys with eyebrows” and the ridged foreheads. 

On the plus side, while the trailer is crammed with action, there’s hints of the thematic and moral tones that make Star Trek what it is. An argument over Star Fleet firing first sounds like it could be a very engaging episode along the lines of defining the future of the fleet. We’ll have to wait and see if this show truly feels like Trek even if it doesn’t quite look like it. 

Matthew Razak
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