First trailer for the animated Addams Family movie seems not so weird

THE ADDAMS FAMILY | Official Teaser | MGM

They’re going to try again with the Addams Family as MGM has released a teaser trailer for their animated take on the morbid family that first appeared as comic strips, and then a TV show, but then became icons thanks to the 1991 live-action film of the same name. The problem is that that movie was so perfectly cast and so wonderfully weird that anyone making a new version is just begging to come in second place.

The trailer for the film doesn’t raise much hope. The macabre and dark comedy of the strip, TV show, and first film seem to be replaced with something more in line with standard children’s fare and anyone who isn’t Angelica Houston playing Mortisha just feels off. This one is definitely not going to inspire an entire generation of goths. Now, that doesn’t mean the film won’t be good or even make a ton of money. After all, it basically looks like Hotel Transylvania and that series has raked in more money than it ever deserved. 

There’s a poster you can check out below that just reaffirms that the look of the entire film seems off just slightly.

The Addams Family will release on October 11, 2019. 

Matthew Razak
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