First trailer for The Big Short has award season hopes


The Big Short might be surprising a lot of people this year. It’s based off the book Michael Lewis, who wrote Moneyball, and is all about the guys who bet against the housing market before the crash. Who do you get to adapt a true story so ridiculous it sounds like a joke? A comedy director. Adam McKay is helmming this star studded film and his first foray into drama may also be his first foray into Oscars from the looks of it. This is exactly the kind of thing that the Academy eats up and it looks good to boot.

The make up on everyone may look a little wonky, but otherwise the actors look like they’re going to knock this out of the park. McKay hasn’t done drama, but the guy infuses a bit of commentary into almost all his comedies (The Other Guys most notably), and the entire idea behind this is one giant economic joke anyway. 

Evidently its so good that Paramount saw a rough cut and instantly asked McKay to get it out in time for the 2015 awards season. The director said sure and that’s why we’re getting this trailer now instead of in a few months. The movie will have its world premiere as the closing film at AFI Fest and then a limited release on December 11th followed by a wide release on December 23rd.

The Big Short Trailer (2015) ‐ Paramount Pictures

Matthew Razak
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