First trailer for the CHiPs remake is pretty bad


Joining shows getting remade for the screen like The A-Team, 21 Jump Street, and Baywatch, is CHiPs, a show practically everyone forgot about. And like 21 Jump Street, this new Chips is trying to be a goofy buddy comedy that would reinvigorate the brand. Unfortunately, this first trailer for the remake is awful. 

Starring Dax Shepard (who also directs the film) and Michael Pena (an FBI agent using the “Ponch” identity), this trailer has a bunch of what I think are jokes? It might just be the way the trailer is edited, but nothing hits the mark here. The tone is weird, the cast doesn’t seem to have chemistry, and Shepard and Pena don’t have a lot of fun here. I’m hoping the next couple of trailers can fix this issue, or we’re all in for a bad time. 

CHiPs hits theaters March 24th. 

Exclusive World Premiere CHIPs Trailer