First trailer for The Drop, starring Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini

The Drop Official Trailer (2014) Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace HD

The Drop has the unfortunate stigma of being James Gandolfini’s final film. Whether or not it’s spectacular, there’s always going to be a sense of dread watching the film knowing we’ve lost a man with such potential. Like with Enough Said, a great film but not great enough, The Drop has a lot to live up to. But there’s a good chance Drop is going to be excellent given the cast. 

Starring Tom Hardy as a bartender who gets too involved with his cousin Marv’s (Gandolfini) money funneling business and may have bitten off more than he could chew. Also Noomi Rapace is there, so all good things. While The Drop sounds generic, let’s hope the cast elevates the material because, as noted, it’s just not going to be enough. 

[via Apple]