First trailer for The Girl in the Spiders Web reboots Lisbeth Salander


Sony had something good on their hands with The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo, but despite critical acclaim, a decent box office, and a stellar cast the trilogy never got past the first movie. The next two books in the Millenium trilogy were never adapted and everyone sat around wondering what the heck was going on until it was announced Fede Alvarez would be directing an adaption of The Girl in the Spider’s Web, a book that wasn’t part of the original trilogy at all. Kind of weird, but here we are with a trailer.

The movie is going to be a soft reboot of the series. So everything that happened in the first film, and presumably the next two books, actually happened, and we’re just going to pick up there. I think this allows them to be a bit more rough-and-tumble with it, while probably making the movie less of a marquee thing for the company. 

I think Fede Alvarez, who directed the Evil Dead reboot is easily one of the more talented young directros out there so I’m hyped for this movie even if I’m not that big a fan of the trilogy. With his horror films he builds an ambiance and tension that fits them perfectly, and I think it’ll slide nicely into the kind of revenge thriller that the Lisbeth Salander stories are. Plus, more Claire Foy is always great even if she isn’t being the queen.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web will release nationwide in theaters on November 9, 2018

Matthew Razak
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