First trailer for The Intruder convinces me never to allow Dennis Quaid anywhere near me

The Intruder Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

Dennis Quaid has made a career of acting like a wholesome dude that you’d gladly let be a surrogate father to your children. That was clearly all a lie as in the first trailer for The Intruder we see him go full on psychotic against a lovely young couple. Dennise Quaid is a scary human being.

Honestly, if this movie didn’t have Quaid in it I wouldn’t even be writing this right now. It looks like pretty standard home invasion pap, which can be good, but usually needs something a bit more to make it special (see: You’re Next). However, Quaid looks like he’s bringing something extra creepy to this, and while my hopes of having some sort of Get Out social themes were dashed pretty quickly by the trailer, it does still look like it could be enjoyable just by the sheer weight of creepy Quaid. 

The Intruder releases April 26, 2019. 

Matthew Razak
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