First trailer for The Purge: Anarchy shows potential


It’s here, the official unveiling of the sequel to the divisive political-horror film The Purge. The sequel, dubbed “Anarchy” will be leaving the wealthy suburbs to show what life is really like for those glorious 12 hours of the year. Where all crime is legal. (And if you weren’t sure about whether “murder” was counted as part of “all crime,” this trailer is sure to beat that into you.)

I never saw the original film (mostly because it’s not on Netflix, and it seems like such a perfect Netflix movie), but I like the direction that Anarchy is taking. I don’t know how interesting those two unlucky lovers are going to be to follow, but it looks like they’re going to be surrounded by plenty of interesting people who just want to have fun on crime day. And that could make for something really cool come its release on June 20th.

Also, the choice of Neon Trees’ “Animal” for the trailer? Genius. Whoever thought of that deserves a promotion.