First TV Spot for Spectre


James Bond is set to return with Spectre later this year, and as the 24th instalment in the franchise, it is unsurprisingly on a lot of people’s “most anticipated lists” – mine included. Now we have some new footage to drool over until the movie premieres in November. 

While this TV Spot is filled with scenes we’ve already seen in the teaser trailer that was released a few months back, it kicks into high gear at the halfway point with Bond punching, shooting, running, crashing, sensitively embracing Léa Seydoux, flying, driving, jumping, crashing, drinking, and then less-sensitively embracing Monica Bellucci. 

As much as I’d look forward to any 007 movie, I’m personally more excited because it’s the next Sam Mendes movie. A Sam Mendes movie with Léa Seydoux. Oh, and of course Daniel Craig and guns and explosions and whatever. 

First SPECTRE TV spot