First Vacation images makes us wonder why


National Lampoon’s Vacation spawned a series of increasingly forgettable films (aside from European Vacation the first film I ever saw with boob), but a rebooted Vacation film is looking to bring back the magic by being a sequel and a reboot at the same time. As you can see from these new pics released Chevy Case and Beverly Beverly D’Angelo are back as the Griswolds, but this time Ed Helms has taken over as their son rusty with Christina Applegate as his wife.

The cast alone is a good sign this may not suck, but so is the fact it isn’t direct to video like the last few. It is slightly concerning that Walley World, where Rusty wants to take his kids since he never got to go, does look open. They great mythical stature of Walley World was one of the things that made the original legendary. How will any theme park live up to that?

Matthew Razak
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