First Victoria trailer, a true one shot action movie

VICTORIA Berlinale Trailer [2015]

From Hitchcock’s Rope in 1948 to Birdman, Alejandro González Iñárritu’s movie up for Best Picture this Sunday, and everywhere in between, filmmakers have been consistently playing with the idea of a movie without cuts. As a formal experiment attempted by skilled filmakers, the technique is usually interesting, if not always successful at creating great movies. Victoria is the latest entry into the list, from German director Sebastian Schipper, responsible for movies such as Gigantics and A Friend Of Mine.

The movie stars Laia Costa as well, a girl named Victoria, a Spanish woman who hits it off with a man in Berlin (Frederick Lau), and before she knows it she’s caught up in a dangerous criminal scheme. Which is a summary that’s clearly fallen directly out of 1995, a sort of cross between True Romance and From Dusk Til Dawn without the vampires. So, what I’m saying, is sign me right the hell up.

The movie has a German release set for 11th June, but has just been picked up by Adopt Films for release in the US later this year.

[via /Film]