First Wonder Woman poster proves DC knows what colors are


Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman was one of the only bright spots in this year’s dour Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (which, granted, isn’t saying much, especially since her inclusion helped the movie feel overstuffed). She was the only character in the whole damn movie – give or take a Lex Luthor – who seemed even mildly happy at any point in the movie, and her share of the climactic battle scene did a good job depicting why it’s such a travesty the Amazonian princess hasn’t been on the big screen before now.

Anyway, since then I’ve been legitimately anticipating her solo movie, which I can’t really say about any of the other DC offerings at the moment. And with San Diego Comic-Con in full swing this weekend, we’re sure to get a good amount of information about the movie, which has already started with the reveal of the first poster for the film. Check it out:

It’s not surprising that the first thing that strikes me about this poster is just how damn colorful it is. Back when Warner Bros. first revealed Godot in the full Wonder Woman gear for BvS about a year ago, one of the biggest complaints was the image’s washed out, monochrome palette. This new poster just pops – not just the red, gold and blue of the costume, but the smoke and the sky in the background. BvS was a trashcan fire of a movie, but if its legacy is a more lighthearted and colorful DC Expanded Universe going forward, maybe it was worth it (spoilers: It totally wasn’t, that movie was bad as hell).

Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2. The movie also stars Chris Pine, Lucy Davis and Robin Wright.