Five new Hunger Games posters arrive


I’ll just get it out of the way: I haven’t read Hunger Games. My excitement for the films is entirely based on other people’s excitement for the films and hopefully the viral campaign that kicked off a bit ago, but didn’t really start until we got these five new posters thanks to Facebook. The posters represent five of the 12 districts, and as you can see those five districts have full processing bars over at Most likely we’ll be seeing the other posters as the other districts “process.”

Obviously these posters are all web based and pretty much demand that you go to the district’s FB page and like it (District 2, District 7, District 8, District 9, District 12). We’re guessing grand Facebook shennanigans will occur as part of the viral campaign so if you’re down with one of these districts get your Like on.

I have to say that even without knowing much about the books these posters and have me very intrigued. Great design on both the posters and the site that could lead to a pretty sweet viral if they pull it off.

[via First Showing]

Matthew Razak
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