Flash movie nets director/writer Seth Grahame-Smith


The DC cinematic universe has a job to do building up its on screen roster, but they’re getting there. One of the next steps is a Flash movie, probably called The Flash. Seth Grahame-Smith is in talks to write and direct the movie. This comes after Phil Lord and Christopher Miller decided to leave the project thanks to jumping on board Star Wars for the Han Solo… solo film

Smith is a bit of a risky choice. The guy is better known as an author (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and has never directed a feature film before. His screenwriting credentials aren’t that great either when the movies aren’t based on his books (Dark Shadows). WB seems to trust him, however, and are moving him up with a big tent pole. 

Flash has already cast it’s lead with Ezra Miller taking on the scarlet speedster and a release date of March 3, 2018 is already set. We’ll get our first taste of the character in Batman v Superman and then some more in the first Justice League film before his solo outing even arrives.

I’m still miffed that the TV shows are set in a different universe than the movies, but what are you gonna do? DC doesn’t have the planning or wherewithal it seems to make a cohesive cinematic universe like Marvel has. 

Matthew Razak
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