Flight of the Conchords movie could be a very sexy thing


If you can’t at least appreciate the first, superior season of HBO’s Flight of the Conchords, featuring the titular band composed of the awesome Jemain Clement and Bret McKenzie, that’s a real shame. It was a funny, surreal show that never took itself too seriously and featured songs about racist dragons. The second season was basically unwatchable, though, so that was a damn shame. At the Muppets premiere, Bret mentioned that he and Jemaine, along with Muppets and Conchords director James Bobin, all wanted do make a Flight of the Conchords feature film, and it seems like only conflicting schedules stand in the way.

While I loved the first season of the show, I’m a little skeptical. The reason the second season worked for me was because they were writing their songs based around plots they had written, whereas the first season was written around pre-existing songs. So the songs were worse in the second season, and so were the episodes in general. If the Conchords step up their game on the songwriting, this could be something really special, if it happens.

[Via THR]