Flix for (Moderately) Short: Sonic Fan Film


After a very long wait since the first trailer was released, Eddie Lebron’s Sonic the Hedgehog fan film has finally been completed. Gamers had a chance to screen a near final cut at last week’s MagFest while the rest of us waited until yesterday. Lebron, most notable for his Mega Man fan film, definitely upped the ante with his take on the blur blur. He was even able to get Sonic’s 90s voice actor, Jaleel White, on board, which should help satiate old Sonic fans.

Sonic serves as a prequel of sorts to the games while also mixing in some mythology from the Archie Comics series (specifically by referencing Robotnik’s real name). The narrative, however, is very bare bones as there isn’t much plot, let alone a story. However, this could simply be attributed to the film serving as just a spec film to show that a live-action/CGI could potentially work. Still, detractors will point out the awkward editing and audio mixing. Regardless, it’s always good to see another take on a beloved character, especially one so near and dear to my heart.

Those who are looking for more information on the film can check the official Facebook page or the film’s website.