Flix for (not so) Short: Frat House


Frat House is an unaired HBO documentary from Hangover director Todd Phillips and Andrew Gurland from 1998. It explores fraternity life Pennsylvania’s Muhlenberg College, specifically the Alpha Tau Omega frat. The film premiered at Sundance back in 1998, but it was pulled from screening on HBO due to allegations that some of the final scenes, which feature some truly brutal hazing rituals, were staged re-creations of actual events. To this day, neither filmmaker has admitted to staging the film, claiming it to be completely accurate, Todd Philips had also mentioned several times that staged re-creations like the ones he allegedly put into the film are time-honored tools of documentary filmmakers.

It’s nevertheless an interesting documentary, and I highly recommend you take an hour to check it out, provided it doesn’t get removed from Youtube by HBO.