Flix for Short: 123Film


You may recall a month ago we showcased a video called ABCinema by Evan Seitz. In that short, Seitz went through the whole alphabet with a corresponding film for each letter, which was depicted with a sleek graphic. Well he’s back and doing it with numbers.

Above is 123Film, and you can probably figure out how it works: counting from 1 to 13, there’s a film for each number. Now, some of them are not the exact number but begin with the corresponding digit in the sequence. It’s a nicely done piece of work yet again. It gets pretty tricky after 13, so I don’t blame Seitz for stopping there. How many films begin with “fourteen” or “14” that you’ve actually seen or would at least know by the title? Exactly.

Be sure to check out Evan Seitz’s Vimeo page for more of his work.

[Evan Seitz Via First Showing]

Hubert Vigilla
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