Flix for Short: A Day for Cake and Accidents


A Day for Cake and Accidents is an animated short film, and a collaboration between artists Steve Reinke and Jessie Mott. The absurdest work focuses on a nonsensical birthday party, though some of the attendees seem preoccupied with impending astrological doom. The video is stream-able below since it features a bit of NSFW material.

Between Mott’s outlandish yet oddly familiar animal-creatures and Reinke’s always fantastic and humorous tone, the short strikes a perfect balance between silliness and creepiness.  A Day for Cake and Accidents will be a part of the upcoming Chicago Underground Film Festival in Chicago next month, and more of Steve Reinke’s videos (including more collaborations with Jessie Mott) can be found on his Vimeo page.

[via Vimeo]

A Day for Cake and Accidents (2012) from Steve Reinke on Vimeo.