Flix for Short: Adelaide


Liliana Greenfield-Sanders’s Adelaide is about Adelaide (Anna Margaret Hollyman), a lonely woman who fakes illnesses to get attention. One day at the pharmacy counter she meets Brad, an aspiring paramedic, and declares that she would like to “date him.” Then you can watch them as they go through non-traditional dating cues. 

Adelaide has won several awards and it is with good cause. This short film is just so charmingly dark. And everything in the short few minutes absolutely works. The pastel colors are a nice juxtaposition to the darker themes, and Hollyman is both awkward and compelling as Adelaide during her brief stint. Adelaide is so broken, yet logical, that I really just want to know more about her character. Thankfully according to Adelaide‘s Vimeo page, Greenfield-Sanders is working with the Screenwriting and Directing Labs at the Sundance Institute to turn this short film into a full feature. I know I’ll be keeping an eye on its progress for sure. 

Thanks, Adam!