Flix for Short: Bad Toys II


Since Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste’s Michael Bay tribute, Bad Toys II, is going to be adapted by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison company (according to The Hollywood Reporter), now seems like a good idea to share the original film with you all. This short film is one of the most visually appealing things you’ll see all year (maybe). 

Bad Toys II is a mish mash of live action toys, comic book panels, and computer generated animation. Each of the styles blend well enough together thanks to some ingenious technical know how and a well plotted car chase with some hilarious twists. I’m pretty happy it’s getting adapted since the adaptation “center[s] on a grown man reconnecting with his youthful imagination through his son’s toys, and his play turns into an homage to big-budget action films.” The premise sounds both sad and hilarious at the same time. And if there’s one company that knows about hilariously sad man-children, it’s Happy Madison. 

[Adaptation info via The Hollywood Reporter]