Flix for Short: Batman: Puppet Master


The thing that bugged me the most about the Nolan Batman films was that the quirkier villains were not allowed to exist. Something about “gritty serious Batman is better blah blah”  always rubbed me the wrong way. This awesome fan film, created by the wonderful Bryan Nest, places two of the stranger villains, Riddler and Scarface, neatly within the Nolanverse in between the events of Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises (so no spoilers unless you haven’t seen Dark Knight. In which case, get out of my Internet).

Batman inspires some pretty cool looking fan material and it’s even better when it comes with great storytelling. The Riddler has never been portrayed in film as suave as he is here. I’ve always wanted an intelligent Riddler, and this one comes pretty close. Sometimes I forget this is a fan film.