Flix for Short: Bizarro Classic


Robb Pratt is back with another lovingly made animated Superman short, Bizarro Classic. Pratt’s a veteran animator for Disney, and his credits include Pocahontas, Tarzan, and Hercules. With Bizarro Classic, he uses his charming retro style to introduce everyone’s favorite oddball from a square planet. The short ends with a little making-of info.

Now, I love Bruce Timm and the Warner Bros. Animation team, but I’d really enjoy a full-length DTV movie done in Pratt’s style. (Even though this would be time-intensive and cost-prohibitive, it’d be great for Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?) I wouldn’t mind seeing Pratt do a full four-minute or five-minute Superman short. Just like Superman Classic, it cuts off right when you want to see some more.

After the jump, I’ve included Robb Pratt’s Superman Classic.

[Via Cartoon Brew]

Superman Classic by Robb Pratt

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