Flix for Short: Caine’s Arcade


If you frequent Reddit or Hidden LA’s Facebook group, you may have already heard of Caine’s Arcade in East Los Angeles. For the rest of us, Caine Monroy is a nine year old who built an arcade of us own out of cardboard, tape, and string. He offers his own toys as arcade prizes, charges only two dollars for 500 turns, and didn’t get a single customer until filmmaker Nirvan Mullick found Caine’s Arcade by chance. Nirvan spread the word about Caine’s Arcade, and the results, as you can see by watching his short film, are absolutely astounding.

You know, I’m a pretty cynical guy, but stories like this just make me feel so happy with the world. A child’s imagination and hard work can pay off, and people can just stop being assholes for a day and do something amazing.

[Via Caine’s Arcade]