Flix for Short: Castello Cavalcanti


Fans of Wes Anderson, of which I count myself, are hankering for a bit of The Grand Budapest Hotel, but to tide us over we have a new short for the auteur and it’s jam packed full of Wes Anderson style. Castello Cavalcanti stars Jason Schwartzman as a race car driver who unluckily crashes in his ancestral town of Castello Cavalcanti.

The film runs 8 minutes and is pretty much the epitome of Wes Enderson from its perfectly staged opening tracking shot to its meticulously centered framing. It’s actually pretty cool to see him mess with some race cars as well as the director’s unique ability to fill everything with a certain childlike wonder really works with race cars. 

I should probably mention Prada somewhere since they most likely paid a lot of money to get this made.

Matthew Razak
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